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Beginner Grandmaster Dongs Latest Publication

Where is my black belt? Is a fun and easy read telling the story of cookie the squirrels triumphs and challenges as she learns martial arts techniques and philosophy by observing the master and his students. Readers get an inside perspective through Grandmaster Dong's unique ability to communicate the totality of the benefits of martial arts training in a way that both entertains and enlightens. The book will assist young and old alike in achieving a positive lifestyle through harmony and balance the book is a valuable philosophical reference to martial artist as well as non-martial artists. Language and cultural barriers are bridged, and the reader is entertained as the story develops.

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This book represents the culmination of over 45 years of teaching experience. 500 pages and 1700 illustrations explain from basic to advanced techniques. It also includes Kumdo, kyum kang kwon, kyum kang elbow, mu kuk bo bop, pa chun mu, pa chun kwon, um yang su, um yang tae, um yang jang, um yang body, iron palm, 15 power techniques, um yang circle, breathing practice to develop power, Grandmaster Dong’s SMART System, etc.

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